My name is Lisa Lehman.  My husband and I have owned Lehman Orthodontic Lab for 11 years now.  We have been fortunate to have had great success with the local doctors and are now reaching out to others throughout the United States.

I love what I do, the challenges and the skilled precision that comes with it.  Having been a lab technician for three exceptional orthodontists in the past has given me the opportunities to learn various techniques to move teeth to desired positions with as little time and discomfort to the patient as possible.  Fitting Rapid Palatal Expanders and Hawley Retainers along with various other appliances in the mouth has given me the ability to see and feel what the doctor does and understand any corrections desired.

If you do not currently have an in house lab technician or are not satisfied completely with your current lab please allow me the opportunity to fabricate an appliance for you.  You will not be disappointed.